Why is it Important to go to College?

Hate school? Wish you could take an exam and viola, be a college graduate? If possible, many choosing this option would fail to understand why it is important to go to college.

Why is it important to go to college? Glad you asked me, a seasoned college student and college professor. Here’s why it is important to go to college:

  • turn weaknesses into strengths
  • build interpersonal skills
  • become a better communicate
  • increase your confidence

This list is short. It may differ from your perceptions or contradict people in other professions.

One’s things for sure, going to college will sharpen your skillset and position you to earn more money in the long run.

1. College turns weaknesses into strengths

Society embraces solidarity. People tend to focus on what they can’t do. Everyone…everyone has weaknesses, the key is strengthening weaknesses not highlighting them.

Who the heck wants to be told they’re not good at this or that? Instead of accepting criticism as daunting news, use it to make yourself better.

What areas in your life can you improve by understanding what it is you’re weak at?

2. College builds interpersonal skills

What are interpersonal skills?

Composure. Optimism. Patience. Controlling fear and doubt. Managing time. Organization.

Can you stand in a crowd and give a speech? Can you remain composed in a group setting and read aloud? How do you handle difficult people?

Can you lead a group of people into a decision that will positively affect an organization? Can you string together a set of words and motivate others to believe in your premise through a letter?

Why is it important to go to college is more about you and less about the textbook, teachers and classroom. In college, you learn how to read, speak and synthesize words through repetition.

All have a tremendous ability to do whatever their mind wants. Some believe you’re born with it, others believe you develop it. Whatever your stance in intelligence, skills and abilities, practice supersedes even the most gifted who sit and do nothing.

3. College makes you a better communicator

If you work, you understand the importance of working relationships. Whether co-workers, peers, managers or vendors, communication is key to ensuring the job gets done.

Communication resolves dysfunctional conflict and promotes functional conflict. If you desire to promote at your current employer, you must develop an ability to network with others. You may be the best at your position, and if no one knows you exist, how will you move up?

Utilize hard work and ensure you’re coming out from under your rock to socialize with others. As a manager, sound written and oral skills are essential.

Do you feel confident in your writing? Do you know how to deal with conflict? Can you express your dislike for a process and not get upset?

Emotional intelligence, whereby, understanding emotions and the actions taken to express those emotions is often unknown in the workplace.

Emotions are neither good nor bad but the action expressing those emotions are. When you understand why you feel the way you feel, the better you’ll be at expressing yourself in the workplace.

4. College Increases your confidence

Going to college and acquiring knowledge increases confidence. Ever felt high on the hog after responding to someone’s question, in which others around you were stumped?

In the recesses of your mind you feel strong, you feel energized, leading the way to increased confidence in yourself. Going to college lays the foundation to learning and if you’re able to sustain the long journey, undoubtedly, you will amass knowledge.

College is reading, writing and researching. Do it long enough and you’ll develop a mind that craves knowledge. You’ll understand how to assimilate theory found in textbooks into the real world.

Many in society view themselves with cracked lenses, and so negativity runs ramped. Education and knowledge and information slowly chip away cracked perceptions many have of themselves.

You’re not what tabloids and media say you are. Educate yourself and you’ll realize what you thought was truth, is nothing more than the perception of others trying to steer you into thinking differently about yourself.

Why is it important to go to college….share your thoughts below.

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Joshua Cintron

Joshua Cintron is the author of: What to Expect When You Enroll in an Online Class, and Upon a Moonlight Kiss, 104 Ways to Say I Love You. In addition to writing and publishing books, he is a finance professional with a graduate degree in public administration. He's held positions as an online college professor at several US colleges and universities.

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