What to Expect When You Enroll in an Online Class

online college guide, what to expect when you enroll in an online class

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Attention: High School and College Students

from a
College Professor

Included is your very own time budget template to create effective time management strategies


Dear friend,

Are you scared of going to college because you think you’re not smart enough? Is high school graduation months away and the thought of going to college bearing down on you?

Listen, college isn’t
for smart people
it’s for the determined.

Heck, you may work with college educated people and think you’re smarter than them, but without that little piece of paper known as a college degree, very few will give you the time of day.

What of pay raises and promotional opportunities? How many times are passed up for a promotion because you don’t have the education to justify them giving you a raise or promoting you?

Aren’t you tired of people belittling you
because you (sorry for the double negative)
don’t have a college degree?

You are great!! Don’t forget to remind yourself of that fact.  If you want to go to college, I’m positive you’ll be an awesome student.  What better way to finish your degree than in the comfort of your own home taking online classes.

Yup… no drive through rush hour traffic… no $70-90 parking permit each semester… no sitting in class listening to a professor go off on tangents.

Going to school online is a wonderful experience, providing flexibility anytime… any place. It’s time to take control of your career and life isn’t it?

In this simple, easy-to-read motivational book written by a college professor with nearly two decades of online class experience (hi, that’s me), you’ll learn:

  • What never to do when you log into an online course for the first time.
  • The absolute worst way to communicate with professors and other students through assignments, emails and discussion forums.
  • If you got an hour a day, you can easily finish any online class, better yet, you can achieve your dream of a college degree.
  • How to reduce wrong assignment submissions by 99% just by naming your files a certain way.
  • What successful college students have that other students seem to lack.
  • Why you need to get rid of the old way of learning, if you have any chance of success.
  • THE TRUTH ABOUT READING. What statistics fail to tell you about college drop outs and their reading level.
  • How to solve the, “I have no time” problem by completing a personalized time budget that assigns each minute of a day to a task.

College isn’t for “rich” people. College isn’t for smart, highly intellectual people as was led to believe. So what if you come from a big family and no money. So what if you have kids , a mortgage or car payments and credit card debt. So what if you were born in another country.  If you continually think about your problems, how will you make a better life for yourself?


Pay yourself first,
invest in you
and your education

The greatest investment you can make for yourself and your family is in you… n your education. At some point you will think about going to college but miss the opportunity because life got in the way. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Hey, I can do this,” you’re right, you can. So, what’s stopping you?

Get off the sidelines. Stop repeating how horrible you’re job is. Take the steps to make a change. You… only you have the power to change your position in life.


Only you…

know the resentment welling up inside when your car breaks down and you have no money to fix to it. Only you know what it’s like to have a salary remain flat and looked past for promotional opportunities.

Why… because you didn’t meet the educational requirements for promotion?

Only you know what is feels like when a co-worker or close friend moves to a nicer neighborhood because of a little piece of paper they received. Let’s face it, a college degree equates to more money… more money equates to better cars and classier neighborhoods.

But you can change that, and this book will help make the dream of a college degree a reality. This book is an incredible resource to begin taking online classes, and ultimately, pave your way to higher pay, better jobs, classier neighborhoods and the finer things in life that come with more money.

Don’t let your future slip through your hands. Don’t allow doubt to take up residence in your mind. Take control of your destiny.

  • If you work a 9-5 and receive lunch/rest breaks, you can create 3-4 hours each week – the ideal amount of time to complete an online course.
  • The easiest way to start and finish a college degree in an online class is remembering you’re enrolled. Learn what it takes to bring an online class to life.
  • The single most important sentence you’ll read about dreams. It’s short, sweet and requires “strangling.”
  • Learn why 13% literacy rates in the United States sways you into thinking college is hard.

You owe it to yourself to make your life better. You deserve, did you hear that… you deserve every bit of money and promotional opportunities your educated, college degree holding co-workers receive.

You work just as hard as they do, why not take advantage of your company’s annual $2,000 educational reimbursement and enroll in college… enroll in an online class?


Joshua Cintron
College Professor


P.S. Take advantage of the tried and true time budget. It’ll assign each day’s 1,440 seconds to tasks. How’s your time allocation looking these days?

P.P.S. Don’t let your writing get in the way of straight A’s! Contact professor Cintron here. Let me help you stay enrolled, saving you thousands of dollars.