What Everybody Ought to Know About Technology

What Everybody Ought to Know About TechnologyWant to know about technology, despite feeling you know about it more than most?

“We the people” are by-products of technology’s wondrous capabilities and although the human brain created this monster, sooner or later you and I will become extinct mammals read about in history books.

Society will continue ramping up its reliance on technology with Avatar-like bodies prolonging human life. Technology makes life easier. Work is less laborsome. Kids have 24/7 babysitters. And as long as your close to spelling out a word in a word processing software, the technology behind it will seek out related words and correct for you.

Or, for millions who dread math, enter a number in a row or column and let the spreadsheet compute a formula. Scary to think reliance on technology will become the downfall of mankind.

Society is smarter and dumber because of technology. Faster and lazier. Efficient and non-efficient. Useful and non-useful. How can it be both good and bad? Well, either you benefit from technology or you use it to replace thought and action.

How do you use technology – to bolster intellect or indulge in the simplistic life it creates? For those who take advantage of technology’s prowess, they’re markedly knowledgeable. But for every one or two individuals who use technology to advance themselves, countless others don’t.

Ever heard of “Matthew Effect?” No. A sociologist by the name of Robert Merton coined the term from the Biblical book of Matthew, which theorizes those who have much, will gain more and those who have little, will gain less. Technology is a perfect analogy of that theory.

Technology is a platform providing an ocean of knowledge and opportunity, expanding the intellectual gap between users and abusers.

Technology is here to stay. Organizations, both public and private turn to it to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, and as baby boomers retire, an entire generation reliant on technology will make great strides to make technology a way of life.

The government at all levels must look to the private sector as a technological foundation because frankly, the United States of America doesn’t know how to leverage human intellect and technology. If it did, leaders of each respective federal and state cabinet would streamline inundated processes already.

In the end, all are dependent on technology. What you eat. What you wear. What you do at work. All of it’s driven by technology. So the next time you hear someone say they’re technologically resistant remind them, life is technology.

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Joshua Cintron

Joshua Cintron is the author of: What to Expect When You Enroll in an Online Class, and Upon a Moonlight Kiss, 104 Ways to Say I Love You. In addition to writing and publishing books, he is a finance professional with a graduate degree in public administration. He's held positions as an online college professor at several US colleges and universities.

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