My Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-X, A Vehicle for the Ages

My Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-X, A Vehicle for the AgesIn high school, I watched peers and friends drive in and out the school entrance parking lot. Yet, I was riding a beat up, dingy, Christmas tree green ten-speed. I salvaged it from the garage at my dad’s house.

The tires were cracked. The brakes broken and the chain missing links. This was my transportation for the final two years of high school.

The busy street I rode felt as if it never ended, as students in their cars drove right pass me. “Oh, how I wish someone would shoot me,” I thought.

I remember those days as if last night’s dinner. Thankfully, several summers later, I laid my Hazel eyes on a popular car during that time, a Mitsubishi Eclipse, GS-X. With a grey exterior to match the grey interior, the rear end bosted a 2″ spoiler, while the car body housed a kit, sliding moon roof and a K&N muffler. One look at the outside and I immediately knew the car was for me.

Fortunately, God had favor on me. I walked out of the car dealership with a Mitsubishi Eclipse in toe. I was in love. The ladies and cops suddenly knew who I was, as I screamed down the freeway, passing cars as if standing still. Everything I wanted in a car was nicely fitted in a two-door Mitsubishi Eclipse coupe.

On sunny California days, the sliding moon roof opened up just enough to allow the rays to warm my forehead, while wind gently massaged the hairs on my head. I felt like a rock star. I felt the world was beneath me.

The weekend was reserved for touring the beach boardwalk. Tanned beauties walking abound, me driving slowly to catch the stares of each. That’s what I did in the best vehicle I ever owned. If luxury had an image, it was surely this car.

Years passed, but my car continued to purr. The DOHC, modified intake, and performance tires made for a quick and smooth ride. From time to time, I slammed the clutch into the floorboard, dropped the manual stick into 2nd or 3rd gear and quickly raced off just to remind myself of the power under the hood. Sigh, how I miss those days.

Unlike most of my friends, I worked for my vehicle. I took pride in its appearance. I feed it premium gas. Washed and waxed it every two weeks. It even had a name, Roxy.

Vehicles are plentiful, sure, but my Roxy, she and I were attached to the hip.

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