4 Steps to Take Charge of Your Wedding Planning

wedding planningMy wife and I married at a private residence tucked away in the windy roads of the Temecula wine country, so we did our own wedding planning. We realized after visiting several wineries, $80-$120 per plate cost was too rich for our taste.

If money grew on trees, choosing a winery to get married at is ideal. Who wouldn’t salivate over endless hills of grapevines, picturesque backdrops of masterfully crafted hotels and an ambiance to sooth the soul? Plus, a professional to any and all wedding planning details?

Our wedding planning was the first for both of us. We scheduled deliveries, set up chairs, linens, tables, tents, talked to the pastor, DJ, photographer and videographer. The only thing we didn’t do was write our own wedding vows.

It was my mistake thinking we could do it all. Do yourself a favor, hire a wedding coordinator to handle the wedding planning details. It’ll save you time, loads of stress and peace of mind.

1. Search for a location early and book right away

We got lucky finding our wedding location at a reasonable cost. My wife knew the season she wanted to get married. With a year or more between our engagement and wedding day, she searched for months before finding the location of her dreams. After visiting a list of locations, we settled on one and wasted no time signing the contract a day or two later. Thankfully we signed when we did, a week later the location was fully booked.

2. Order a few flowers ahead of time

My wife picked flowers out of a catalog from a florist on the other side of town. The morning of our wedding day, the flowers arrived and were nothing like the pictures portrayed. The bouquet in particular had wilted flowers and looked awful. Before panic set in, a family member found a local florist to create a new bouquet. It wasn’t the one she envisioned, but it did the trick.

3. Confirm videographer early

Search and book a videographer early. Your wedding day is a day to remember for years to come. Often times, video of your ceremony and reception is your chance to reflect on the day as you won’t remember the details or family and friends in attendance.

4. Pay for a photographer

We used a friend in the computer design business to take our wedding photos. We paid them $500 for their gas and materials. After it was said and done, the pictures were mediocre at best. My brother-in-law could have taken better pictures with his camera.

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