Never Give Up – Adversity is a Requirement on the Path to Your Destiny

Never give up - adversity is a requirement on your destined path; never,never, never give upWhy give up when so much life is to be lived? To give up on any pursuit – monetary, relational, family, career, business, faith – is a path many take. Are you like the many? Are you born to a name set up for failure? Three words to remember when you cannot fight anymore, never give up.

You are destined for greatness, do you believe that? Do you believe you are born to create, conquer, command, lead or follow, bow down, give in to pressures, suppressing who you are and what you are made for?

All must follow to learn, to develop humility. All bow down to someone or something, if not for God who gives life but to the self or desires of this world. What do you bend a knee to, and does it bring peace and humility? Does it gives you power and a “never give up” attitude?

To give up, to loosen the grip of drive, discipline and fortitude, is the beginning of an end to which you were not made for. Surely, lives of those taken before they are able to walk or talk serve a purpose, may be the life of someone spiraling into depths of depression, addiction or suicide. We do not know why death occurs to those who are infants or children, and to those who bear unspeakable pain of such loss, my heart goes out to you. Your motivation and inspiration to never give up is now fueled by your loss, by your heartache.

Society consists of individuals who dwindle under pressure or who welcome adversity to motivate them. Yes, we all are destined for something. Yes, we all are born to do something on earth to serve a purpose not of our own. But this destined path is intertwined with free will, with the choices we make everyday. With a never give up resolve.

It is much too easy to say, “I give up.” It is much too easy to throw in the towel in situations you control. Because only we can control our actions, we cannot change others nor should it be our job to change another human being against their own will. We are to influence not change. Change occurs to those who accept one’s influence to better themselves. And only time can measure one’s influence and change.

As the sun’s heat wilts flowers, turning green grass yellow, so is adversity in your life. Adversity is a requirement on the path to your destiny. Do not assume your life’s walk is all rosebuds and lilies. Health scares, death of close family and friends, financial setbacks, career loss, natural disasters wiping out all you own, accidents, anything warranting a setback may occur, but the power to overcome each is in you. It is given to you by the one who made you, God.

Great is the strength of faith in times of abundance and peril. We will not get it right every time, the decisions we make, but it is experience to share with others who may embark on a similar path that we gain. And experience is much greater than money and possessions.

Never give up.

Never, never, never give up.

When all that you know is taken from you and only the walls befriend you, never give up. Understand your disposition in life is purposeful. Quietly search for the reason of your adversity,and know you will become a much better person for the purpose you are called.

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Joshua Cintron

Joshua Cintron is the author of: What to Expect When You Enroll in an Online Class, and Upon a Moonlight Kiss, 104 Ways to Say I Love You. In addition to writing and publishing books, he is a finance professional with a graduate degree in public administration. He's held positions as an online college professor at several US colleges and universities.

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