My Review of Vick Strizheus’ Project Breakthrough, It Works!!

I’ve scoured the web for ways to make money online the past seven years, and what I learned very early on is that it takes time, testing and marketing skills to turn an idea into a profitable venture. One such marketing endeavor I embarked on was HTA’s Project Breakthrough.

What Is Project Breakthrough?

Project Breakthrough is a system of Internet marketing videos that teach people like you and me how to drive traffic to a website. Vick Strizheus and his partner Jason McClain are the men behind these marketing training’s who share decades of experience in how to earn money online.

That being said, Vick and Jason’s Project Breakthrough is completely free—so when you invest your time, consider it a worthwhile educational endeavor. For equal, maybe more money, a course at a college won’t scratch the surface of what you’ll walk away with in regard to this High Traffic Academy program.

As a member of the Internet marketing, SEO/SEM and money making community, I understand the only way to make money online is with traffic, organic or paid. There’s no other recipe for success than traffic, and lots of it.

HTA’s Project Breakthrough helps you tackle that 300-lb gorilla. Is it fool proof? Is anything fool proof? Do you hang your entire existence on any one person’s word? No! However, Vick and Jason show you exactly how the program works step-by-step, which makes people feel inclined to invest more of their time.

What’s All the Negative Publicity About?

Don’t get discouraged by others who share stories of how they tried Vick and Jason’s Project Breakthrough and failed to find success quickly. In that failure comes the blame game with the need to smear the program as a result of Vick’s run in with the law. How long should he be burned on the stake for a wrong he committed decades ago?

Aside from Vick’s past transgressions, to think anyone will strike it rich by taking one course or viewing a set of videos is ludicrous. I’ve been at this small business thing a long time and I can tell you that money doesn’t flow into your laps with minimal effort. This is not to say there isn’t potential to earn big with Project Breakthrough, but you still have to work for your money.

Completing one Internet marketing program such as the HTA Project Breakthrough program and believing money will roll in is a pipe dream. Therefore, spend time learning the principles of marketing, not the results of endless pots of money if and when you decide to invest time in High Traffic Academy or Project Breakthrough.

One Program Does Not Fit All

Sure, the videos share Vick’s affinity for the finer things in life, because it makes sense for him to show viewers what is possible. What you will notice is when he does this, he still highlights his struggles and really connects with the people watching. Would you spend a second listening to him if he was sitting in an office with a Hugh Hefner type robe on, or worst yet, a suit and tie? Nope.

Do yourself a favor, do your homework. Test out the programs you think may make you money. If it doesn’t provide the results you anticipated, take solace in the fact your purchase of a High Traffic Academy or any Project Breakthrough upgrades is tax deductible.
So what do you have to lose?

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