Make Money Online: My Secret to Easy Money Online

Make Money Online: My Secret to Easy Money Online

Make Money Online: My Secret to Easy Money Online with

How I made money online with Fiverr – a micro-jobbing website – was two-fold, with honest book reviews and search engine optimization (SEO) article writing. When I started, I averged $85 a month, not a lot but a way to make money online. The few dollars earned paid for some of my daughter’s vitamin D milk and son’s baby formula.

How I Discovered Fiverr

As the family provider, I kept an eye out for innovative money making ideas. I did so because I valued time with my kids and leaving them for a part-time job at a physical location was not an option for me.

I discovered¬†Fiverr perusing the Internet as I read articles from various at-home job sites. In the header section, I kept seeing Fiverr ads, catchy, hard to miss smiling faces with, “Tasks from $5” text at the bottom. I waited a few months before clicking on a Fiverr ad. Why? Because I already dabbled in a micro-jobbing site called Amazon Turks and found it time consuming.

What’s Amazon Turks? It’s a micro-jobbing site owned by Amazon. With no knowledge of micro-jobbing I gave it a shot, and invested two to three months completing small tasks known as “hits”. In those three months, I netted ninety dollars — clearly not worth my time for the amount of effort invested.

Amazon Turks is a legitimate paying site offering a plethora of ways to make money online completing surveys, 400-count articles, reviews and other miscellaneous tasks. Most of the hits I completed were article writing, so the time it took to write the article and the payment received equated to poverty level wages. So it’s easy to see why I hesitated clicking a Fiverr ad, I didn’t want to waste my time for very little pay.

My Fiverr First Gigs

Despite my hesitation, I relented to the pressure of those smiling Fiverr faces and clicked on their ad. At first look I thought, ¬†“Impressive”. The layout was simple and easy to navigate. It was evident developers spent considerable time on the functionality of the site, enticing me to learn about this newfound online money making opportunity further.

Intrigued, I used the Facebook option to sign up, and in minutes I was a member of the Fiverr buyer and seller community. I spent a few days researching other gigs listed on the main page. I searched each gig category and attempted to understand how other sellers wrote gig descriptions and created gig videos. Still, I wasn’t confident in what to do.

I spent a few more days clicking on top-seller and featured gigs to see what successful sellers wrote in their gig descriptions. Finally confident in how to progress, I settled on a skill I was comfortable with — writing. No reinventing the wheel or creating an innovative idea.

With writing as my gig choice, I decided to offer book reviews. Book reviews? Yup — non-fiction or fiction book review . What better way to combine a love for reading and writing? Plus, providing constructive criticism is a skill of mine developed grading student writing assignments as a college professor.

Two months after listing my book review gig, I created another gig — –write an SEO article up to 250 words. I went further in this gig and uploaded a :30 video discussing what buyers get in the gig.

It was a simple video, me sitting in the driver’s seat of my car, dressed in a shirt and tie, talking into my Droid Razr Max. Professional huh?

The video is cheesy in my opinion but in the short amount of time posted, it garnered more views than the book review gig listed a couple months ago — 9.6k versus 3.4k.

[Case in point: upload a video on every gig created to increase your opportunity to make more money online]

My Parting Wisdom

I earned $172 on Fiverr from two gigs at the time of this writing. Not a lot of money but a way to generate money online. I did what I love — read and write — and made money online. What more can you ask for?

I was content with the few dollars earned on Fiverr. Did I want to make more money online? Sure. But, if there’s one thing I continually learn about making money online, it takes time — lots of time to. As I mentioned early, this is one of many ways to make money online.

Oferring a skill to the world on Fiverr isn’t rocket science, anyone can do it. The key is sticking to your strengths and offering a gig you have a passion for. The goal is to be a featured seller or top-gig provider to ensure a consistent stream of income, but again, it takes hard work and great customer service so don’t get discouraged.

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