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Make moneyMake money on the side working in show business. I did as a military serviceman because superiors tasked my unit to find fundraisers to fund our recreational activities.

We needed to make money on the side do several of my peers came up with ideas to bake cookies, wash cars and sell ice cream. Those were far from “fun” fundraisers, so one of my co-workers searched the Internet for fundraising ideas and stumbled upon Audiences Unlimited. It was a surefire way to make money on the side attending TV show tapings. $10 was paid for every individual in attendance.

Our unit gave it a shot and attended America’s Funniest Home Videos ¬†With 12 of us dressed in civilian clothes, we drove to the Burbank studios and waited in line for several hours. Once inside, each of us was placed strategically in the seats. It was a decent experience.

We attended several more TV show tapings and built up a nice welfare fund. We branched out and found modeling opportunities for some in our group. It wasn’t traditonal modeling but more about military service and the men and women of the military.

Nearly a decade later, TV show tapings are a great way to make money on the side for fundraising ideas. Below are a couple more ideas to make money on the side.

1. Background Acting or Extras

The military taught me a lot about myself. It also exposed me to a lot of people in Los Angeles.

On one ocassion, as I stood in the men’s locker room, changing from a two-hour workout, I overheard someone talking about background acting and extras. I kept listening and finally asked who the company was, in which they replied, “Central Casting.”

For $25, Central Casting will take your application and put you in their database. They can take your head shots for an additional fee or you can find a photographer to take them. Once the application is submitted, you’re officially a member of the background actor network.

No red tape. Just call the number provided by the agency every morning to check if any castings meet your profile. If you fit the criteria, submit your portfolio to the casting director, and hope you get a call.

If selected, you might find yourself standing next to A-list actors or eating from top of the line catering trucks provided for free at the shooting site.

2. TV Show Tapings

Audiences Unlimited offers fundraising opportunities to Southern California groups. If you’re a teacher or operate a non-profit organization, free tickets to show tapings are available. As long as you have 10 or more in a group, you bypass the public route and interact directly with the group section.

3. Become a Model

Have killer looks? Give some modeling agencies a call. Talent scouts approached my wife and I regarding our twins. Probably because they’re so stinking cute. Lol. We haven’t sent a portfolio but the option is there.

Here’s Bubblegum Casting, which works with first time female models, and even pays them for gigs. Give them a shot, what do you have to lose?

Making money on the side in show business takes persistence and patience. Stick with it if it’s truly your dream. If not, make some cash on the side and have fun with it. You never know what may come from doing so.

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