The Lazy Man’s Way to Maintain a Healthy Weight

The Lazy Man's Way to Maintain a Healthy WeightThe New Year has come and gone, so have the resolutions to exercise. Forget getting ripped and buff, I’m just trying to maintain a healthy weight.


Several years ago, I purchased a gym membership with the idea I would get “ripped”. How many times do you think I went?




I blame a lengthy commute to and from work and the responsibility of working jobs at night to make ends meet. Sound familiar?


Pay for a gym membership and not go, who does that? I’m going out on a limb here, most of us enroll in a gym membership with good intentions but don’t go or can’t go as often as we like because life gets the better of us.


I know, these are excuses.


Good Ol’ Fashion Exercise

When my kids lived with me, each night after work, I laid on the living room floor face down and let my then two year-old twins climb on my back, and completed two sets of 10-12 reps of push-ups.


I counted aloud for my kids to follow along, so it wasn’t exercise but a teaching moment for my kids. Nothing better than seeing a smile on your child’s face while doing something good for yourself.


My gym days are over, if not for a desire to pay, but because time is limited. Good ol’ fashion, “old school” push-ups and sit-ups, did the trick then, and does the trick now. Hey, it still helps me maintain a healthy weight.


It’s not glamorous. No mirrors to gawk into. No fit, good looking people to marvel at my finely sculpted body. Just me and the carpet, working together to release the stress of a day that cost only my time.


Weight Watcher’s Really Does Work

I never thought I would be that person carrying an insulated lunch box filled with fruit and a microwavable meal to work.


But I did.


There I was, a blue lunchbox strap around my shoulder, walking the hallway to my office with a Weight Watcher’s meal tucked inside. No one saw the contents, but I was embarrassed, especially as a male, eating one of those health craze meals to lose weight.


I braved the self-inflicted embarrassment and stuck to the Weight Watcher’s meals and soon found myself on the Weight Watcher’s diet.


Plain and simple, Weight Watchers works!


I didn’t plan on dieting but after researching “Weight Watcher’s” on the Internet and learning of their program, which allowed me to continue eating foods I love, it was no-brainer.


Weight Watcher’s is formula driven, with the initial step calculating the total number of points allowed per day, which is determined by age, gender, weight and frequency of exercise.


To calculate your daily allowable points, search, “weight watchers daily points allowance” on the Internet.


Once the daily allowable points is determined, begin assigning points to food. Search, “weight watchers points formula” on the Internet.


Once the formula for calculating food points is understood, simplify the process and use a calculator. Search, “weight watchers points calculator” on the Internet or in the app store.


With the total allowable points in hand and a resource to calculate points for every item of food entering the body, begin the diet and allow, at a minimum, 30 days to see any results.


It’s all about portion control and discipline.


Ditch Sitting at Work

Ditch your chair at work and stand whenever possible. I stand at work any chance I get. In a previous position, I converted my desk into a stand up, using printer tables and monitor extensions.


It looked awkward and begged the question, “Is that a fire hazard?” And so, my setup was dismantled. Thankfully, my supervisor saw my commitment and ordered me a stand up desk.


The first few days standing hurt my feet, so I searched ways to mitigate pain from standing and found a fatigue mat helps with leg pain. So I purchased one at Home Depot and placed it under my desk.


The immediate benefits of standing were:

1. I was no longer cold or got the “chills”
2. I drank more water
3. I moved away from my computer screen frequently
4. It forced me to move constantly


Standing may not be an option at your place of employment, so set alerts on your cell phone, desk clock or calendar within your email system every 20-30 minutes, to remind you to break away from staring at your computer screen.


Aging is no fun. Time is at a premium but so is maintaining good health by exercising and eating fairly decent.


It’s tough eating well in the genetically modified food era currently lived in. I’m an old fart now, so I must make small changes in what I eat and how much I eat, to keep my weight from ballooning.


That’s something we all should be cognizant of. Don’t you think?

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