What You Should Know About Las Vegas

What You Should Know About Las VegasIt’s been several years since I’ve seen the neon lights of Las Vegas, and if memory serves me correct, the only change are the number of hotels erected.

Las Vegas, the blissful playground of adults, where alcohol pours like crashing waves and money evaporates in the smiles of each exhale. Once the euphoria subsides in the sun’s Easterly rise, people recall only arriving. It’s in their conscious state they understand what might have occurred the previous night.

I’m guilty of ordering countless free bottles of Corona’s and Heineken’s. I’m guilty of laughing off the $4 ATM transaction fee multiple times and cashing advancing off a credit card. I’m guilty of walking the Las Vegas strip inebriated, giving like-minded patrons something to laugh at. Thankfully, I did all this as a teenager and before cell phones made every user a videographer and photographer.

1. Time Is a Distant Memory

The minute you step onto a casino floor kiss time goodbye. No clocks, no watches. No semblance of time exists. Why? Casinos want you to spend every waking minute investing in their machines. They don’t stop there. Endless complimentary alcoholic beverages flow as long as your hands are glued to a slot machine.

2. You Won’t Stop Gambling

If you decide to indulge in complimentary free drinks, you’ll be hard pressed to stop on your own. Therefore, take someone who won’t drop back as many drinks as you do. I know, party pooper. But they may be your only chance of surviving the night with all your marbles and money.

3. Plan Out Events

In the past, several of my friends decided on a whim to head to Las Vegas for the weekend. They made hotel reservations on the drive up there-the only reservations they made. They realized after a couple hours in the casino their gambling money was gone. Wanting to escape, they decided to attend a club or show, in both cases, it was impossible to obtain tickets. Give yourself a couple days to plan out the weekend.

4. Important Phone Numbers

As you’re driving or flying into Las Vegas, map out the surrounding city, texting yourself the phone number to the police station, urgent care, hotel and other important information. It doesn’t hurt to find a North Las Vegas bail bonds company, in case you get into trouble. God forbid something happens, at least you can access important phone numbers quickly.

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