Graduation, a Feeling like No Other

Graduation, a Feeling like No OtherWhether high school, college or university, cheerful students brave a sun-filled day to line metal seats for what many wait years to do, graduation.

As a college professor, I tell students, “There is no greater sense of accomplishment than walking down the aisle at graduation.” The feeling of graduation in college is greater than high school.

Around May each year, high school students fly off the handle. Those who completed course requirements early in the year, stroll the halls without a care. On the flip side, students who waited all year long to do work known as slackers, fear they may not walk at graduation.

Regardless, the ceremonial event of a student’s life is here. Countless hours of studying, done. Sacrificing free time with friends, over. A semblance of life returns to those who call themselves “graduate.” It’s an accomplishment like no other for those who are fortunate to “walk”.

To call oneself a graduate is a feeling like no other. A lifetime of lectures, homework, and exams culminates into a grand finale. One where picture and videos will tell the story decades later.

Those lucky enough to walk down the aisle at graduation end a chapter in life that surely will NOT be missed. It caps off a journey began as a young child. The exhilaration when your name is called over the PA system in front of hundreds of students and family members is an image etched in the minds of all in attendance forever.

Do not take your graduation lightly. You’re now part of an exclusive club. Cherish it because as soon as you receive your diploma, the euphoria of the whole moment fades. Like a book, you turn the page and begin transcribing your next chapter.

Until then, wipe the sweat off your brow. Look up into the blistering sun and pump your fist. You’re on top of the world right now. Take every picture possible. File away commencement pamphlets and name lists. Most important, cherish the long journey and educational accomplishment.

No one can ever take away what you’ve done. Not a tragedy. Not a person. Not even you. Congrats graduate. You deserve it!

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Joshua Cintron

Joshua Cintron is the author of: What to Expect When You Enroll in an Online Class, and Upon a Moonlight Kiss, 104 Ways to Say I Love You. In addition to writing and publishing books, he is a finance professional with a graduate degree in public administration. He's held positions as an online college professor at several US colleges and universities.

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