author, writer, blogger, poet Joshua CintronHi there, I’m Joshua Cintron, also known as “Dreamscriber”, “Saypire”, a few nicknames I created over the years. I’m the writer, poet, blah…blah…blah…you get the point, right? I’m the guy behind the name. I started this site as a means to market my writing in hopes of attracting hordes of small business owners, blog owners and the like. Well, the idea of offering up my services is still available, but this site morphed into a place for me to share my inner deep thoughts through poetry and creative writing.


The Twintrons


A Lil’ About Me
I’m the middle child of three boys. I grew up in Southern California, living in more places than I can count before the age of 18. Like many of you I’m sure, I grew up in a dysfunctional family. I learned the art of perseverance before learning how to be a kid. Fortunately or unfortunately, however you want to slice it, I failed at marriage twice, only to gain the greatest blessings known to man or woman, becoming a parent of twins. They are my inspiration, my soul, my heart, my everything. That’s them at Chuck E. Cheese celebrating their recent birthday.

An Accomplishment or Two
online college guide, what to expect when you enroll in an online classDespite the challenges I faced in life, I’m thankful for the persistence I gained. This allowed me to write, edit, write, edit, write and edit some more, two, yes, two books. The first, What to Expect When You Enroll in an Online Course, is an 80-pageĀ (give or take) book, guide or manual for students looking to take online courses. It’s nearly 20-years of experience, my experience, in online learning as a student and college professor. Like most things I write, it’s sharing nuggets of knowledge wrapped inĀ motivational talk.

When I’m not writing drafts to new books, I manage my motivational quote site, Sayspire and funeral poem site, Sympathy Poems.

I’m a die hard sports fan (go Lakers!). I enjoy picking up a good self-help/motivational book. I’m in a relationship with Jesus Christ and His manual for life–the Holy Bible. So, there you have it. A snippet of Joshua Cintron. I hope this site and my collection of writings inspire you.
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