Why We Fail to Lose Weight

lose weightHow many people fight every day to lose weight, yet as of late 2013, America is the 2nd fattest population in the world behind Mexico. How, if latest market research suggests weight loss sales will surpass $66 billion – can a country struggle with obesity?

Doesn’t this boggle your mind?

1. A Quick Fix

Americans embrace instant gratification – they pay for something and expect to have it in their possession within minutes. Technology simplifies processes, replacing human ingenuity, increasing speed of service. Nearly every facet of life is supported by technology, which if you ask me results in two outcomes-one, the human species becomes smarter, or humans become dumber.

2. Hard Work is Gone

To lose weight requires discipline, which explains why the first quarter every new year gym memberships soar. I should know, I sold gym memberships and the after holiday rush was the biggest. Similar to retail stores readying for an increase of shoppers during the holiday season, so are gyms the first month of January. I recall people busting down the doors, eager to sign-up and implement the latest regime to lose weight.

About mid to late March, people stop going as the euphoria subsides. Why? Because working out takes hard work, perseverance, commitment and discipline. Attributes seldom practiced as a result of technology’s far-reaching hand. We cannot assume taking a weight loss supplement such as Garcinia Cambogia will burn the fat off, can we?

3. People are the Problem

Diets work. So does placebo and any other supplement on the market, if, only if, we complement it with exercise and portion control. “Diets don’t fail-people do…“Is there credibility to that? Yup-this might explain why 100 million American dieters attempt 4-5 diets each year. This goes back to my claim-immediate gratification-if a diet isn’t producing the desired results according to our time frame, we quit and try something else.

Here’s an alternative to dieting and supplements-while you’re watching TV, go old school-perform 1 set of 5-10 push-ups, 1 set of 15-25 sit-ups and 1 set of 25 jumping jacks. I know this is the easiest workout plan every created, so don’t try to do more than 1 set of each. The idea isn’t the workout but the follow through. I suspect 1 out 10 readers who accept and attempt this challenge will succeed. What do you think? Can you do it?

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