Donald Trump for President: Immigration Annoyance, His Latest Business Venture

Donald Trump for president, immigration reform his next business venture
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In response to recent events about republican candidate Donald Trump for president and his illegal alien comments, I feel moved to chime in on the hoopla he created.

Political jockeying. Politicking. He is speaking his mind and representing a small contingent of people who detest illegal immigrants plaguing the United States of America. Valid arguments for and against illegal immigration are plentiful. Immigrants are not one nationality flooding the borders, nor do they make up a significant amount of US population.

The Pew research estimates illegal immigrants make up 3.5% of the US population, where 52% are Mexicans. All other groups make up the remaining 48%, which combined account for 5.1% of the US job force. Despite the Pew Research, who really knows the true number of illegal immigrants flowing into the US? Estimates are glorified guesstimates. Society shouldn’t put credence in an estimate.

But, this is a nation of followers. A nation built on propaganda, manipulating the weak minded servants, who cannot think for themselves. Society is good at deflecting, placing blame on others and in the case of immigration, the lack of immigration reform, mismanaged bureaucratic agencies, corrupt politicians and the constant need to intervene in other country’s affairs for matters of national defense.

Society cannot sit idle and believe stories flooding through news outlets, radio or web regarding life, politics, career, money, health, etc…society needs become change agents.

Donald Trump for president is a smart business move, albeit arrogant with his immigration remarks. Why? It boils down to money. Money equates to power.

Americans are arrogant, showing patriotism in drastic times, only to flaunt arrogance in prosperous and economic times. Is Mr. Trump any different than many in society?  Albeit, his remarks are inconsiderate, and uncalled for, but he is using the system. He is creating buzz around his brand, funneling money into his company from silent contributors.

Mr. Trump is a businessman, a billionaire. He uses the economic system to amass a net worth of $4 billion. That is no politician but a shrewd businessman climbing the backs of illegal immigrants and citizens of all socio-economic status. Why should he care what he says, in the end he comes out on top because publicity good or bad, is exposure.

Four chapter 11 bankruptcies. Over extension of business credit unsuccessful business ventures, all soon to be mitigated as a result of his outspoken stance on major issues affecting society in the bid for president. Will he win the GOP nomination? If he does, society has the ultimate power to thwart his pursuit, voting.

Hatred for illegal immigrants or not, his name is on the millions of tongues. He’s breaking necks and cashing checks, living as Tupac sang,  “All Eyes on Me“3.

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Joshua Cintron is the author of: What to Expect When You Enroll in an Online Class, and Upon a Moonlight Kiss, 104 Ways to Say I Love You. In addition to writing and publishing books, he is a finance professional with a graduate degree in public administration. He's held positions as an online college professor at several US colleges and universities.

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