Does Love at First Sight Exist – From a Man’s Perspective

Does Love at First Sight Exist - From a Man's Perspective
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Does love at first sight exist? This is the question for those who search for an answer, and those who seek an answer when love at first sight happens to them.

I was a skeptic of love, let alone the notion of love at first sight. Really, love at first sight? Who believes in that malarkey?

Some say love is undefinable. Some say true love, the unwavering love someone has for another human being is found only in a parent. Some say, when you find love, the kind of love that lifts you from the worries of today, it is the greatest emotional feeling any human experiences.

But love at first sight? That is made for TV reality type stuff extracted from fairy tales found in Disney books. Science says it is based on an attraction usually physical. But is love at first sight merely physical? Surely an attraction of looks, intelligence or other qualities feeds love at first sight, right?

I experienced love’s triumphant hand, only to see it close up. I endured heartache opening up my heart to love. I love love and sought it quietly in my heart since childhood. But love at first sight, no such thing existed. I believed it was a whimsical tale thought of by romantics and poets.

Today, to say love at first sight does not exist is grossly understated. Reason and logic do not comprehend the enormity of love, nor does either realize, love at first sight is very real. Contrary to skeptics such as myself months ago, two people can love each other merely meeting minutes ago.

Love knows no boundaries. Love knows no time. Love knows no reason, logic or man made definition. Love is love, all encompassing, defined by they who bask in it. God is love. Child is love. Man is love. Woman is love. All are love. All possess love, yet suppress its far reaching hand in realities of life.

I searched online “falling in love at first sight” and learned science defines romantic love as a reward system, in which chemicals released, dopamine to name one, are the driving force of love’s euphoria, yet falling love can take as short as 1/5 of second. Nonetheless, science concludes romantic love is in the brain and not the heart.

I also searched online for stories of others who experience love at first sight. What did they feel moments later after meeting that person? Was it anything they felt before? Was it more than the “honeymoon phase” so many people use to define the initial stages of love?

The honeymoon phase is not just a phase but a way of life. Does one simply love less after the honeymoon phase subsides? Does one grow less in feelings of their loved one after the honeymoon phase subsides? Does the intensity of new love new trump that of seasoned love? The honeymoon phase is not a temporary jolt of emotions felt for another human being, but euphoria felt all the living years of either person.

Life is all but rose petals floating down a stream of serene gardens. Two live joining will create ripples, but love, true love adapts to such times with thoughts of self seated comfortably in the life left behind.

If love at first sight finds you, embrace such a moment. Time will stand still. The breeze, slowed for your eyes to see. Sounds of environment and people will drown out. The light illuminating from the sun or stars, will shine bright on the one who captures your eyes. No one and nothing exists in that moment when you meet the eyes created for you.

Love at first sight, does it exist? From someone, a man no less, yes, yes it does exist. It is a feeling, a moment in time, etched deep into the scrolls of your heart and soul. It trumps all other relational experiences, leaving you to thank fate, destiny and He who made you.

Love at first sight is real. If you seek answers for what you feel for someone else, fighting the feeling that you love them in one meeting, understand it may be purposeful to experience such a heavenly drug, as love at first sight.

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