What a Divorced Dad Experienced but Few People Saw

What Divorced Dads Experience but Few People Seldom See

In January 2015, as the NFC championship game played, I made a life changing decision that separated me from my twins, divorce. I thought long and hard about that decision but no one could prepare me for the depressing times that tried to take my life afterwards.  

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Never Give Up – Adversity is a Requirement on the Path to Your Destiny

Never give up - adversity is a requirement on your destined path; never,never, never give upWhy give up when so much life is to be lived? To give up on any pursuit – monetary, relational, family, career, business, faith – is a path many take. Are you like the many? Are you born to a name set up for failure? Three words to remember when you cannot fight anymore, never give up.

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Does Love at First Sight Exist – From a Man’s Perspective

Does Love at First Sight Exist - From a Man's Perspective

Photo by: Vinoth Chandar

Does love at first sight exist? This is the question for those who search for an answer, and those who seek an answer when love at first sight happens to them.

I was a skeptic of love, let alone the notion of love at first sight. Really, love at first sight? Who believes in that malarkey?

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Parenting 101: Lessons Learned as a Parent of Twins

parenting 101: lessons learned as a parent of twinsI am a parent, a father to twins, a boy and girl. It is a blessing upon blessings to receive love from two little people who carry part of me in them. When I am with them, I stare at them and daydream. Time stands still as their laughter fills my ears.

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Donald Trump for President: Immigration Annoyance, His Latest Business Venture

Donald Trump for president, immigration reform his next business venture

Photo by DonkeyHotel

In response to recent events about republican candidate Donald Trump for president and his illegal alien comments, I feel moved to chime in on the hoopla he created.

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Staying Married for the Kids: Why I Decided to Leave

Staying married for the kids: why I decided to leave

Photo by: Nick Page

Staying married for the kids, that is what 1/3 of couples do. Isn’t that sad? Sure, although a sampling, a pretty daunting statistic nonetheless. I was that statistic, thinking me absent of my babies would turn them into children addicted to drugs, lost in societal ways and outright terrible kids. It’s remains to be seen how my kids will turn out

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