Is Positive Thinking Bad? Good? Or Neither?

I had a great idea to search for “positive thinking” on the Internet and stumbled upon an individual’s take about why positive thinking is bad. “Really? I’ve never thought filling my mind with positive thoughts to push me through another day was bad?” According to this person therein lies the problem “thinking.”

“What? Why would thinking be bad?” It isn’t bad per say, its what’s done in the mind as a conditioned response that is bad. Most of us are conditioned to respond to situations with good or bad but what if you didn’t have good or bad to choose from? What if the situation that occurred was a situation and nothing more?

The result of not having good or bad as a solution to a situation is that the event is part of the process. We aim to condition our minds to create contingency plans in the event time is spent on situations that temporarily take away from the pursuit of our goal. Prime example, building a house. The first thing completed is plumbing followed by concrete. During one of those steps, unfortunately, (good/bad thought waving its hand) Mother Earth decides to rain out the party for a few days. It’s nature. There’s nothing man can do to thwart the onset of rain but sit it out and resume when the rain subsides.

Most see the rain as bad but is it really? Do you think the builder factored into their proposal some contingency plan for unseen events? Your darn right they did! In similar respects, situations that find us are just situations, neither good nor bad but something that must be dealt with to reach our goal. Ok are you done Scratch your much? I do.scratching your head yet? I now this is pretty deep stuff but take a look at the core concept and try to apply it the next time you’re deal ing with a “mother nature” event.

Trust me I thought this was absurd when I initially read it. But after giving it careful thought there is some validity to it. Viewing adversity through the lens of occurrence and not good or bad can surely cut stress and anxiety in our lives.  Don’t you think?

“Ok, adversity isn’t good or bad, it’s just part of the process. Whew. Now I don’t have to rack my brain with endless thoughts of good and bad.”