The Lazy Man’s Way to Maintain a Healthy Weight

The Lazy Man's Way to Maintain a Healthy WeightThe New Year has come and gone, so have the resolutions to exercise.

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Why We Fail to Lose Weight

lose weightHow many people fight every day to lose weight, yet as of late 2013, America is the 2nd fattest population in the world behind Mexico. How, if latest market research suggests weight loss sales will surpass $66 billion – can a country struggle with obesity?

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Do You Want to Diet or Lose Weight?

We diet to lose weight, but what if I told you dieting leads to weight gain? The U.S. spends $61 billion a year on weight loss products, yet they're ranked as the 2nd fattest country in the world. How is this possible?I’m on an amazing diet because I don’t want to lose weight, I want to gain it! Is this a trick question?

What if I said your enthusiasm, will power and diet program will shed pounds…but only for a few months.

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