The exclusive site of Los Angeles writer, poet, author and publisher, Joshua Cintron.Hey there, I’m Joshua Cintron. Nice to cyber meet you!

I was born, raised and continue to live in Los Angeles, California. I’ve lived in a neighboring state but that was short lived.

I’m a renaissance man having worked in industries ranging from construction, restaurant, defense contractor, hotel, transportation and work experience in federal and county agencies.

Although my background is in finance, with hard work, persistence and a clear vision, I hope my writing and publishing of books will afford me the opportunity to work for myself.

With that said, I’m a military veteran (US Air Force), hold an advanced degree in public administration, a freelance writer and publisher of several books, the first titled, What to Expect When You Enroll in an Online Class.

My second book, Upon a Moonlight Kiss:  My Expressions of Love for You, is a collection of romantic poems for a girlfriend or wife, perfect for a first-year anniversary gift.

Make sure you check out my poetry site for inspirational poems and quotes.

I hope enjoy the content here on my site, and share it with family, friends and others as you see fit.

Have a good day,

Joshua Cintron