4 Key Steps to Making Money Online Selling on Ebay

Several years ago, I sold shoes on Ebay. The idea sprung from an article I read about the inhumane treatment of factory workers in China by Nike. I’m unable to locate that article but I did find the list of factories Nike uses to produce and manufacturer their product. It was the start of my making money online endeavors.

With the list in hand, I researched several of the factories, trying to develop relationships with the factory managers. I was successful, and soon struck a deal to buy shoes from them. Well, that was short-lived as Nike agents quickly removed my products as they deemed them fraudulent.

Fortunately, my time spent searching for factories in China led me to a plethora of sites offering wholesale products. It was the Holy Grail for me, as I bought product to sell on Ebay for a year or so. I stopped because it took too much time finding, negotiating and selling.

1. Finding Suppliers

To be successful at making money online selling on Ebay you need to find one good supplier. I don’t sell on Ebay anymore due to time constraints so I’ll provide a few suppliers: Global Sources, Ecplaza, Ectrade and Trade India.

2. Find Out What Sells

Making money online selling on Ebay requires you to do buyer research. The demand and supply economic paradigm persists in selling on Ebay. If you don’t want to pay for a research tool, click “advanced” next to search on the Ebay homepage. Enter the item where it ask you to and select “completed listings” or “sold listing” under “Search including.” The completed listings provides the listings completed for the item, whereas, the sold listing shows only the sold listings.

3. Shipping the Product

To maintain a healthy profit margin, shipping costs must be factored into the sale price of the product. If someone is buying your product in another country, it may be best to use some form of address verification service to ensure the product is shipped to the correct address. If you send the product through a carrier service and it’s returned, who pays for the costs incurred?

4. Receiving Feedback

Making money online selling on Ebay is possible. I did it and I supplemented my income. The steps above will set you on the right track to making money online, and it also ensures you receive the best feedback possible. In today’s social media, technological world, reviews are everything. Make the buyer-seller transaction seamless-without problems-and watch your feedback score climb.

Nike: Brand Sourcing Footprint

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